I love to brew beer…

Imagine a Kiwi ninja doing the hula dance on your taste buds, while a tropical fruit orchestra serenades your senses. That’s what happens when you crack open this can of liquid sunshine brewed with New Zealand hops. It’s like a juicy gossip session at a beach bonfire, leaving your palate doing a happy hula dance of its own!

For all you beer nerds out there, New England Hazy IPAs are my favorite beer style to not only drink, but also to brew using toilet water (b.t.w. “I’m joking!”).

From the various, but few, styles of beer I’ve attempted to brew I find brewing a perfect hazy IPA to be the most challenging as it’s a beer style that’s sensitive to environment factors such as oxidation and sunlight during the fermentation and dry-hopping process.

Although, I do enjoy brewing other styles such as an Ale, Belgian Dubbel, Porter, Stout, as well as other styles of IPA such as American, Brut, and West Coast.

Here’s a list of YouTube channels that I recommend subscribing to for those of you who are interested in brewing, Cheers!